About us


Festmesteriet is an assocation under the student union. We have a bord that are working with the assocation together with different committees that plan things around Festmesteriet such as club nights, pub nights, PR and memberactivities.


Together with our members we run the student pub here at Malmö University. Our memebers consists of students from all four faculties and we are an association which means that everyone who works here, including the board, works for free. Instead of getting paid we do different activities with our members and are working on a better reward system because we want to give back as much as posible to everyone who works here.


If you want to know more about us and what we are all about just come to one of our meetings. We have them every Monday during the schoolyear at 17.00.





Wednesdays 17.00-00.00 & Fridays 19.00-01-00



The student Pub, Bassängkajen 8


About the pub nights:

Every Wednesday we have a pubquiz and each week the quiz has a new theme. We post the event and theme for the quiz on our Facebook so look out for them there and make sure to win nice prizes.

Our karaoke nights are on Fridays, keep an eye out for events on Facebook.




Keep an eye one Facebook for events and out on your faculties for ticketsales.




This committee plans our pub nights such as writing quizes, contacting other associations to arrange quizes and planinng caraokes.



This committee plans and arrages our clubnights together with other associations. They are in charge of evrything around the clubs such as planning a theme, PR together with our PR committee and ticketsales out on our faculties.



This committee makes sure that we promote Festmesteriet on our social media, update the webbsight, make posters and out on Malmö Universitys different faculties.


Members and recrutment:

This committee works with the members of Festmesteriet to make sure that they get something back after all of the hard work they put in to the pub. Members and recrutment also try to get new members to join us.



This committee has been resting this year. If you are interested in restarting this committee contact the board!


If you are interested in joining any of these committees come to one of our Monday meetings during the school year at 17.00 and get all the information you need.