Insparken is annually organized by Festmesteriet on behalf of the Student Union Malmö and Malmö University.


Insparken is for all new students and it is organized to give the new students a good start to their studen life in Malmö by getting to know new and old students and at the same time getting to know Malmö as a city and an introduction to the student life in Malmö.


All students will be divided into different teams depending on which faculty you will study at.


The Yellow team represent the Faculty of Education and Society.


The Green team represent the Faculty of Technology and Society.


The Red team represent the Faculty of Health and Society.


The Blue team represent the Faculty of Culture and Society.


Each team will have their own Captains and Fadders and the entire Inspark is planned and controlled by the 3 Generals who will walk around in orange shirts during all activities.

Schedule Insparken 2017
Schema insparken 2017


You can find the schedule here.


Here you can see what activities will happen during the various days and see when we will be at the student pub or in Kölsvinet (The Union).


The Student Pub does not allow you to take any drink or food whit you, Festmesteriet will have the bar open.


In Kölsvinet you can bring both drinks and food and no sale is made.